Ramadan Reflections

Now, one would think that after 30 days of not eating or drinking between sunrise and sunset, you’d feel overjoyed once it all came to an end. In some ways yes, but in many others it’s a straight-up no! The post-Ramadan blues are a very real phenomenon, indeed. 

It’s definitely great to have some extra energy, and to be able to take part in more social activities throughout the day. 

But here are just some of the things that one tends to miss once Ramadan ends.

It’s essentially a time-out from the world, which given current global circumstances, was a welcome relief! Not only are you mindful about what you consume physically, but also mentally. You learn to find alternative, healthier ways to feed your mind, body and soul. 

Ramadan brings with it a general sense of zen. It’s like a Bootcamp for learning how to be more present. You simply can’t allow yourself to spend too much time thinking beyond the current moment or else the task at hand starts to feel overwhelming (e.g. number of hours or days left). 

While your energy might be slightly less, it definitely doesn’t yo-yo quite as much as in day-to-day life. It generally remains fairly consistent, making you realise that you don’t actually “need” those boosts throughout the day, be they coffee or sugar fixes. 

You feel like you’re part of a (global) community and that you’re all in this together. This has been especially beautiful over the last few Ramadans, where we have been unable to see loved ones in person as much. 

Social media, and the increased focus on inclusivity, have played an important role in creating a sense of community and acceptance. It’s been great to see more friends and colleagues posting about Ramadan. I must admit that I used to be apprehensive about doing so. I worried that people may focus on the challenges of Ramadan and if/how that may impact my performance. But it’s great to see more being shared about the benefits; I hope this piece contributes too. In the words of Neyo, Ramadan…“You make me better.” 

Thank you to the Significant Insights team for encouraging me to write this piece. You have literally given me the courage to speak about something that is very close to my heart!