7 Tips to help you Bring Back In-Person Insights #facetofacemrx

Despite being forced to find creative ways to gain insights from consumers, healthcare professionals, patients and business leaders this year, there is no denying the magic that comes from face-to-face interaction.

In these tumultuous times, how can you convince your stakeholders to conduct in-person research?  Here are some key benefits:

1. In-Person Research is Happening

In-person research is happening! Facilities and Research Studios in the US, UK, Europe and across the globe are open and committed to a safe experience for all involved. Don’t miss out on the one-of-a-kind insights that can only emerge from face-to-face interactions.

2. Rich Insights

Virtual research is a wonderful tool, but even market research professionals agree, it has its limitations.  In-person research achieves an added layer of richness you can’t duplicate online with insights gained from things like body-language, which are not easily replicated behind a screen.  The energy achieved from in-person methodologies is fluid, more natural and better fulfils the goal of connecting to human behavior.  An added bonus is you avoid technical glitches, frozen screens, and dropped calls.

3. Eager Participants

As research facilities have reopened, respondent engagement is UP and we’re seeing nearly perfect show rates! Communication is absolutely key to success and setting expectations for what happens during the research will only enhance the experience.  Our industry is facilitating methodologies such as device testing, mock trials, taste tests, usability studies and more! People are eager to get out and participate.

4. Respondent Engagement

We are all juggling more than ever and it’s easy to get distracted on screen whether it be answering a text or welcoming that unexpected pet who needs a cuddle.  Connecting in-person allows for genuine focus and engagement for all attending.  Removing the barrier of a screen to allow for a natural flow of conversation empowers more successful insight. 

5. Maintain Confidentiality

When you’re testing new technology, a new device or an interface that has not yet launched, confidentiality matters!  Meeting your ideal target in-person allows for better control and security of the environment.  There is no way to avoid cell phone photos or screen shots with remote interviews and sending individual prototypes to each respondent can quickly eat up time and budget.

6. Team Collaboration

Ensuring deep insights comes not only from respondent engagement but also from what happens in the back room!  Live observation and team discussion help achieve A-HA moments in a broader way in-person, further enhancing your research objectives! 

7. We have Options!

If you are still not sure about in-person research, let our experience be your guide!  Contact your trusted facility partner today and ask how to achieve your research goals.  Come join the discussion at #facetofacemrx and we’re confident you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn what is possible!