30Under30 Nominee: Zoka Djurovic

Great to hear from Significant Insights Global 30 under 30 Honouree Zoka Djurovic. Zoka is the Associate Director of Marketing and Member Services at Ivy Exec, an elite, online community that offers research studies for business leaders and subject matter experts. She manages both relationships with the membership and clients with a distinctive approach that ensures each individual feels valued and receives personalized attention.

I commenced my professional journey at Ivy Exec, an esteemed online membership platform catering to senior-level professionals. My initial role at Ivy involved serving as an executive recruiter, tasked with identifying ideal senior candidates to fulfill key positions within prestigious global enterprises. Over time, Ivy Exec naturally evolved into a valuable resource for conducting extensive company research, connecting with qualified profiles across various industries, including senior professionals, managers, and subject matter experts (SMEs).

My recruitment expertise transitioned into a role as a delivery manager within the research supplier sector, where I specialized in sourcing difficult-to-source participants for our clients’ research studies. Eventually, I ventured into the realms of marketing and member services, and I dedicated my efforts to finding best strategies for member acquisition and engagement, ensuring the continuous growth of our member and panelist base.

Today, I hold the responsibility of overseeing both our members and esteemed clients, ensuring that their experiences remain at the pinnacle of excellence.

Well, this goes without saying, my greatest source of pride stems from the accomplishments achieved by my team. As a manager, I hold a deep appreciation for the success and professional development of each team member, recognizing that their achievements carry particular significance. The opportunity to foster their growth and drive their careers forward brings a great sense of satisfaction. Drawing from my own experiences of being mentored by exceptional individuals in my past, I fully comprehend the significance of having a devoted supporter who champions one’s success.

It’s not just junior researchers; it’s crucial for everyone to strike a balance between being fully engaged in the present while keeping an eye on the future and its possibilities. In our contemporary landscape, technology is rapidly introducing automated solutions that enhance scalability. Nevertheless, it’s essential to exercise prudence when leaning on technology, recognising that at the heart of all progress and innovation, there resides the human element!

Valuable mentors! The knowledge they impart extends beyond just one’s manager; mentors can be found in various facets of one’s professional environment. Each day provides an opportunity for continuous learning and personal growth.

Embrace curiosity, cultivate your analytical skills, and commit to understanding markets deeply in all sectors.

In a rapidly evolving market research landscape, adaptability and willingness to explore new methodologies and technologies are the keys to unlocking greater success.

Without a doubt, I extend a special acknowledgement to my first manager and mentor, Greg Hunt. His guidance and care have not only enriched my marketing expertise but have also contributed significantly to my leadership skills. It is with full attribution to his mentorship that I find myself nominated for this recognition.

Secondly, and of no less importance, I would like to thank my Chief People Officer, Sara Farkas for her continuous support. Her encouragement, advocacy, and willingness to provide me with opportunities spanning across three distinct verticals have enabled me to pursue and achieve my aspirations. Both metaphorically and literally, my name wouldn’t be on this list if it wasn’t for her. 🙂