30Under30 Honouree: Valere Demelier

Great to hear from our 2023 Global 30-under30 honouree, Valere who has made significant strides in the field of market research, leveraging a unique blend of expertise in psychology, economics, computer programming, and statistics as a data scientist/analyst at Nepa. Their recent achievement in finishing second at the ESOMAR 2023 YES awards for their use of AI in research speaks volumes about their dedication and impactful contributions to the industry.

I stumbled into market research with Nepa, where I discovered my passion for understanding consumer behaviors. Equipped with a background in psychology, economics, and statistics, I’ve since developed my role as a data scientist/analyst, contributing to our AI solutions; and continually expanding my expertise in the dynamic intersection of data science and consumer insights

I am most proud of achieving second place in the ESOMAR 2023 YES awards, where I had the opportunity to present my innovative research on AI to a large and inspiring crowd of research professionals.

Staying Curious: Stay committed to expanding your knowledge base, staying up to date with market trends, and acquiring new skills to adapt to the constantly changing landscape.

Building Relationships: Cultivate meaningful professional connections, both within and outside your organization, foster mentorship, collaborate, and create a network for career growth.

For those considering a career in our sector, I would emphasise the excitement of navigating a dynamic and ever-evolving field of human behaviour. There are a vast amount of researchers doing interesting and incredible work in the sector and having the opportunity to learn form them makes this an exciting field.

Don’t forget that respondents are our most valuable assets. As data quality issues continue to emerge keeping the respondent in the forefront of the mind is key to understanding true consumer behaviour.

I would love to recognise my manager Luke Brown and everyone at Nepa for giving me the advice, and freedom for me to develop and grow. As well as, Karen Chandler for helping share my work and push me to apply for the 2023 ESOMAR YES awards.