30Under30 Honouree: Manasi Vora

Great to hear from our 2023 Global 30-under30 honouree, Manasi, Vora who navigated a path from a deep-seated curiosity about human behaviour to becoming a recognised force in the world of insights, showcasing a commitment to continuous learning and delivering impactful results.

From a young age, I was intrigued by the intricacies of human behaviour and the underlying “whys” that govern our choices. This curiosity led me to pursue an MBA in Strategic Marketing, where I discovered the world of insights and research. During my academic journey, I interned with prestigious organisations and discovered the world of conducting Primary and Secondary research. I also won the best Dissertation award for my college thesis focused on primary research.

All of this fuelled my passion for transforming raw data into meaningful narratives. Post-graduation, I started working at Target as a Market Researcher and continuously sought opportunities to expand my skill set. This marked a pivotal moment where I could continuously learn and leverage my expertise to make impactful contributions in the field.

I take immense pride in all that I have learnt and all that I have been able to meaningfully contribute. I feel the initial years in a professionals life are extremely pivotal in how we get groomed, and I am proud of how I have navigated in this journey and shaped myself to be a well-informed and focused researcher. I haven’t just showcased my analytical prowess but also demonstrated my ability to navigate complex challenges. The satisfaction of delivering actionable insights that directly influences the Business remains a high point in my career.

Firstly, foster curiosity. Always ask questions, explore new methodologies, and seek out opportunities for continuous learning. Secondly, embrace flexibility. The research landscape evolves, and being adaptable to different working styles and methodologies is key to growth.

To those considering a career in our sector, I’d say, Embrace the power of curiosity. Every data point tells a story, and your role is to unveil the narrative. It’s a journey of constant discovery and problem-solving, making the seemingly mundane data come alive with insights.

Let’s emphasise the tangible impact of research on all facets of business. Demonstrating how research aligns with organisational goals and contributes to strategic decision-making will elevate its perceived value within corporate structures.

I’m grateful for the guidance and support provided by my Professors, my Mentors and my Family. I would like to Thank my Professor Varsha Jain for teaching me about

research, my Manager and Mentor Rahul Suresh for grooming me, and my Manager Haley ODonnell for believing in me and nominating me for this prestigious recognition. I am also grateful for my entire team of Target in India, their insights and mentorship have been invaluable, shaping my approach to research and contributing significantly to my professional growth. Finally, I would like to thank my Parents and my Husband for their unconditional Love and Support.