30Under30 Honouree: Krish Jeyakumar

Great to hear from our 2023 Global 30-under30 honouree, Krish Jeyakumar who is a Senior Analytics and Measurement Consultant at Simply Thought, managing measurement and data analysis accounts whilst providing consultation and support for clients on data-led strategies that work. 

Curiosity, loving research, and finding out the ‘why’ behind what makes things move are qualities I’ve always had. From trying to cut open a battery with a butter knife as a kid, to creating extensive maps of food and drink spots to try when on holiday as an adult, I’ve never really lost them.

After starting as a junior at a PR agency, I moved in-house at a fintech start-up to manage community and social, but something that consistently bothered me was that I wasn’t able to get to the ‘why’ of situations when it came to putting together strategies. On top of this, I didn’t have many people in senior positions who could mentor me on the insights and data side of things. After taking the leap to go full-time freelance (with the intention of using that freedom to expand my knowledge in data and insights) I started working with Kristian, founder of Simply Thought. After six months of freelancing, and being supported by Kristian to complete a Mini MBA run by Mark Ritson, I began to feel like I was finding my feet in this new world.

Now, two years on, I’m a Senior Analytics and Measurements Consultant who manages the measurement and data analysis accounts, whilst using my background in PR and other marketing channels to consult on cohesive and data-backed strategies for clients.

I would say, taking the risk to go freelance and follow my interest in data and insights. I’m someone who really values stability and process, but the more my interest in the sphere grew, the more I realised that I would have to take a leap of faith in order to work within it. It took a lot of pros and cons lists, and thinking about whether I should take a higher paid job with a promotion in a stable PR agency, over essentially becoming a junior again and having to learn a new skill set from scratch – but ultimately the amount I’ve learnt in the years since I made the decision has more than paid off the risk, and I’m really proud I took the risk. 

Curiosity: It’s really important to remember that if you have a question about something, then the answer is worth knowing – whether it’s why a certain data set has a trend, or about a certain processing habit your manager has that you’ve never actually asked about. Asking questions, making notes and getting to the bottom of why things are done in certain ways will have you connecting dots across various projects quicker and more accurately, whilst building a foundation of knowledge you can always rely on!

Trust: Trust yourself when you have a hunch, or a question, or idea! So often as a junior you might think, ‘well one of the senior members would’ve thought of it, if it was a viable idea, or necessary question’ etc – but that’s not true! There’s nothing to lose by contributing your voice to a discussion, either you’ll have added something useful, or you’ll have a teaching moment from the team – productive either way!

Do it! I started off with an English degree, before moving into PR, then Social and Community Management. I didn’t think that there was a space within the insights sphere for me, but it’s actually the perfect place for different minds to work together. It requires huge creativity to be able to tell the story of data in a way that can inform strategies, it takes precision and logic to be able to sort it, you need to be interested in what’s happening in the world, whilst also being able to zoom into niche subjects. Because there’s no ‘one size fits all solution’ to insights, it means there’s not a ‘one type of person works best in the sphere’. 

The pace of adoption when it comes to data frameworks and interest in insights has definitely ramped up in recent years – but what seems to be lagging a bit is using it to create a conversation between multiple channels within a company. Doing so can shed light on how an action or an event on one side of the business can create a ripple effect on the other side – allowing us to see things as a whole picture as opposed to a series of individual strands. As well as this, it shouldn’t just be used as a measurement tool to analyse campaigns gone by, utilising data to inform and build strategies going forward is the way to add a solid foundation to creative narrative building. 

Over the years I’ve had the privilege to work with some great people who’ve taught me a lot and guided me to where I am now. But my biggest thank you has to be to my mentor and boss Kristian Hoareau Foged, he’s been absolutely instrumental in my journey in the insights sphere. From taking me on as a freelancer and pouring hours into teaching me new tools, to investing in my education with the Mini MBA, to answering every question I’ve thrown at him. It’s been a wild couple of years working and growing within the company, but I’ve been supported and listened to every step of the way, and am deeply thankful for his presence in my life as a mentor and friend.