30Under30 Honouree: Kevin Garcia

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Great to hear from our 2023 Global 30-under30 honouree, Kevin Garcia who is a consumer insights analyst and RIVA Trained Moderator. Kevin is an advocate for amplifying the voices of underrepresented groups within research to better understand their perspectives and opinions. His hope is to inspire the next generation of junior researchers to continue to evolve the exhilarating industry of market research!

My pathway to research hasn’t been quite linear, in fact, my exposure to the market research sector only flourished during my graduate studies. Upon my studies in graduate school, I was approached by an exceptional educator inquiring about my interest in market research. After a brief 30-minute conversation I found myself wanting to learn more. Immediately, I registered for the certification coursework offered by my alma mater Seton Hall University. It was at this point that I quickly immersed myself in all that market research has to offer. The turning point in my early career resulted in collaborating with like-minded classmates to embark in a semester long research project for a local for-profit business. The end-result of presenting our research with suggested recommendations to the client provided an extremely rewarding feeling. Upon completion of my MBA, I obtained my respective marketing research certificate, and I was motivated to continue my career path in consumer insights. I was then welcomed into Behaviorally which allowed me to leverage my academic background learning into practice in the real world.

In the world of research, there are various new experiences which require a level of gratitude and satisfaction. For me, the transition into moderating my first set of interviews will hold a special place in my developing career. The opportunity to showcase my skill set from what I’ve learned in my academic coursework as well as “on the job” embodied the phrase “concepts to practice”. Though, most recently, the opportunity to embark in qualitative studies within the Latin American sector has been a pivotal moment. The US Hispanic and Latin American markets continue to develop and grow which provides an opportunity for researchers like me to amplify the voices from such a diverse group.

Remain Curious

The world of market research continues to evolve and there is opportunity to develop and grow within the field. It’s worth mentioning the array of external resources available to build on one’s skillset and certification programs to solidify a foundation in market research. Remain curious – always!

Embrace the challenges

The world of research is filled with complex problems worth dissecting. The secret is to embrace the challenges as it reinforces the powerful force of one’s capabilities. There is also beauty to challenges because it makes for a rewarding end deliverable once the project has concluded.

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The research industry is vast and exhilarating. The foundation of research is to delve into large piles of the unknown to craft a succinct and compelling data driven story. The beauty of research is the endless opportunities for varying needs. One can explore a quantitative, qualitative or a combination to excel their career path forward.

From the perspective of a member of a team for a research agency, it’s important to amplify the voices and learning from those in the research study. The end deliverable is far more than a concise report but the trickling effects from the research learning will live to guide further research or client developments. It’s important to remember the functional benefits that the research will provide for the years to come. The impact that follows from a researcher’s hard work will be just as fulfilling and rewarding.

There have been several mentors in my early career who have attributed to my growth thus far. For starters, the Behaviorally qualitative team has been a foundation and resource for any research related questions that I may have. The support I’ve experienced from the qualitative team has allowed me to pursue additional training to build on my skill set and I will be forever grateful. Gisella Lazerson, who has been my mentor for the past year has served as a great resource and wealth of knowledge as I continue my journey in moderation and data analysis. A true advocate for professional growth and shooting for the stars!!