30under30 Honouree: Angelica Jump

Great to hear from our 2023 Global 30-under30 honouree, Angelica Jump who, through passion and positivity, is a Director, Research Manager and Global Team Lead at EMI Research Solutions, committee member of two meaningful MR organizations (WIRe, Insights Association), and this year’s 2023 DEI Champion for the North Central Chapter of IA.

So, how did you get into the industry, and take us through how you got to this point

Unlike most researchers I’ve met, I actually joined the MRX industry on purpose! I had a transformative professor for my Marketing classes who paved the way for what a career in this industry would look like. I had my first interview with EMI shortly after graduation and felt like this was going to be the perfect fit. I wanted to make sense of the fundamentals around how our industry exists and how business decisions are made, who are the people behind the data points? Starting at the root of data collection makes me feel like I have the opportunity to set every research project for success from the very beginning, giving end clients confidence in their final results.

What are you most proud of from your career so far?

I am most mostly proud of the opportunities and the people I have met. I feel like my career doesn’t stop at EMI, I have an impact in outside organizations where we can strive for improving research practices in our industry. Getting the insights from other organizations and the knowledge sharing is truly powerful and goes beyond our day to day lives.

What two things should junior researchers focus on as they progress in their careers?

I strongly believe that each young researcher should focus on networking and volunteering. By doing more outside of your day-to-day role lets you get a taste of new opportunities, and you can learn different skills. For example, I live in the quantitative space for my day-to-day, but I got to participate in a focus group through research we are doing within the Insights Association which is not something I would have ever been able to do in my current role.

What message do you have for anyone considering a career in our sector?

The people you will meet are like none other. Our industry feels like a family, we are working towards the same goals together weather you are a client or a competitor. I admire the closeness and kindness from each person I meet. 

Our industry is also fun! It’s really neat to see a commercial or product campaign in real life and know that you had a part in bringing that to life. You can see your impact outside of “work”.

Do you have any advice for our sector as a whole?

Say yes and be transparent! Good things will happen if you embrace them, from leadership opportunities, mentoring, learning new skills, keep you mind and heart open!

And do you have anyone who has helped your career so far that you’d like to acknowledge and say thanks or give a shout out to? 

There are so many people who have had a positive impact on my career and life; David Raska for being such an influential professor and helping to shape the beginning of my career, Brian Lamar for being a mentor and pushing me out of my comfort zone to participate in organizations like the IA NCC, my entire research management team for being the type of people who share knowledge, skills, and experience to allow for growth, and the entire DEI committee for IA who welcomed me with open arms and allowed me to participate in entirely new methodologies of Market Research.